Hiking in and above the Salmon River Canyon and Hells Canyon with views of the Seven Devils, Gospel Hump, and Wallow Mountains in Oregon is quite simply breathtaking. Depending on your ability, you can choose from easy to challenging hikes and always be able to find amazing scenery and wildlife.

Choose a simple route and enjoy the views from the Heven's Gate lookout. With 9,000 foot peaks above and 6,000 feet of deep canyons below, all of our trail options are spectacular.

We can customize any length hike you prefer, from day trips through multi-day backpacking trips. Give us a call and we'll help you decide on an itinerary that suits your desires. 

Backpacking Camps

As a true backpacking trip, we carry everything with us on the journey. Our guides carry most of the heavy equipment but do need assistance in setting up camp each afternoon. Typically guests help set up tents and help gather fire wood to for the evening.

We camp in backpacking tents with inflatable sleeping pads and sleeping bags. Given the limited amount of kitchen gear we bring, you'll be amazed at how awesome our camp meals are.

Price: Day trips start at $99/person

Length of Trip: 1 to 6 Days.

Difficulty: Easy to Challenging.

For questions or to make a reservation call 800-727-9977.